NHS Healthchecks delivery through GP practices relaunched Sept 2017

Due to the cuts to the public health grant to local authorities in 2015/16, a decision was made to suspend the NHS Healthchecks programme delivered through GP practices.

The suspension was lifted in September 2017 and  GP practices that provide NHS Healthchecks are listed in the link below:

GP surgeries in Devon offering a NHS Healthcheck

If your GP practice does not provide NHS Healthchecks, you can:

  1. Complete the NHS Heart Age test which covers some parts of the NHS Healthcheck https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/for-your-body/check-your-health/heart-age-test/
  2. Discuss any concerns about your lifestyle with your GP or practice nurse.  You can contact the Devon Lifestyle support service: https://www.onesmallstep.org.uk/
  3. Contact Public Health Devon by calling 01392 383000