State of the Environment Report

Natural Devon, the local nature partnership, have set priorities including ones relating to improving health and wellbeing, and improving access to the natural environment.  The partnership have released a State of the Environment report for Devon and Torbay, which describes the current condition of the environment around 13 separate themes.

The report, available on the Natural Devon website, can be accessed here

Health Impacts of Climate Change

The Health Impacts of Climate Change report, prepared by Public Health Devon for the Devon Climate Emergency Partnership, considers the impact of climate and environmental change on health. The impacts of climate change on health are not universal. There is increasing evidence to suggest the most vulnerable in the population will be most affected: older people, infants, homeless people, those with severe chronic illnesses, and people with alcohol or drug dependencies. Increased fuel and food prices, reduced access to heating, cooling, health services, education and food security will all contribute to inequalities in population health in the face of climate change. There are also likely to be geographical inequalities, with urban and rural populations facing different challenges.