This section contains maps representing health and administrative areas in Devon.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are groups of GPs that will, from April 2013, be responsible for designing local health services In England.  They will do this be commissioning or buying health and care services including elective care, urgent care, and most community health services.

Within the wider Devon area there will be two clinical commissioning groups which will exist in shadow form during 2012-13.  These are NEW Devon CCG, covering Exeter and Eastern Devon, Northern Devon and Plymouth and Western Devon and South Devon and Torbay CCG.  The map below shows agreed boundaries for the CCGs.

Within NEW Devon CCG the area is split into three locality areas: Northern, Eastern and Western (NEW).  These are based around existing health areas and local acute trust footprints and are shown in the map below.

There are also further sub-locality areas within these localities.  The following map shows the four sub-localities within NEW Devon CCG.

The South Devon and Torbay CCG area is shown on the map below.

These new CCG geographies have emerged from the GP consortium areas which were in place during 2011.  A map showing these areas is provided below.

Local Authorities

Public Health, Social Care and local work focused on the wider determinants of health such as housing, planning and economic development are the domain of local authorities.  A map showing the upper and lower tier local authority areas in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay is provided below.

Local Authorities in Devon, 2012

Health and Local Authority Areas Compared

The maps below shows how the upper tier local authorities  and CCGs compare, with maps for Devon and Devon & Cornwall combined.  Local authorities will be responsible for local Public Health from April 2013, and Health and Wellbeing Boards will also operate at this level.

The map below shows how lower tier local authorities (district councils), CCGs and localities compare in Devon, to highlight which health bodies districts should relate to.

The maps below show how the main acute hospital and community service catchment areas in Devon and Cornwall relate to CCG boundaries.