Accessibility options

Recent advances in operating systems and web browsers now mean that most devices have their own built in accessibility aids (or assistive technologies) to help you access the internet.

The BBC’s My web my way provides advice and help to all those people who would benefit from making changes to their browser, operating system, or computer to be able to view the web in a more accessible way. Please note that these BBC pages are now archived but remain a useful resource.

The site is not only for those with disabilities (visual, hearing, motor, cognitive or learning impairments) but also, for example, for those people with minor vision impairments who would not consider themselves to have a disability.

Their guidance includes:


If you would like information on our website translated into another language, you may find one of the services listed below meets your needs. However we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any external website or free website translators.

Under some circumstances, for example if you cannot read the information easily in English, you can request information in a different language from us. This includes British Sign Language, easy read or a foreign language. Please contact us for advice.