Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

NEW In June 2015 Devon Health and Wellbeing Board produced an update on the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013–16, reviewing progress on priorities and actions.

Devon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Update, June 2015

A previous update was produced in September 2013.

This followed the original Devon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy published in 2012 which sets out the priorities for the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board, with the aim of improving health in Devon and promoting health equality.  The priorities within the strategy reflect feedback from consultation, the board conducted a survey on priorities in July and August 2012, the results of which are provided in the document below:

Health and Wellbeing Priorities Survey 2012 – Results

summary of the strategy is also available.

Other strategies relating to health and wellbeing in Devon

This section includes details other strategies which have an impact on health and wellbeing in Devon.  The strategies included in this section are broad and county-wide in their scope and provide part of the evidence base for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  More detailed strategies, needs assessments and reports on individual health and wellbeing topics can be found in the Health and Wellbeing Library.

Devon County Council: Better Together

‘Better Together’ sets out a vision for 2020 and beyond for the County Council detailing how the council will work with partners to help people and communities control their own future. The document sets out plans to address the aims of being healthy, connected, safe, prosperous and resilient. Underlying this vision is the need for collaboration (working with the public and other organisations to achieve the best outcomes), being enterprising (achieving good value and working efficiently and effectively), and being innovative (working in new and flexible ways).

Better Together: Devon 2014 to 2020

Clinical Commissioning Group Strategic Plans

These plans set out how the two Clinical Commissioning Groups covering Devon aim to improve health in the County.

Northern Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group: Local NHS Futures – Transforming Care in Devon and Plymouth

South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group Strategic Plan

Annual Public Health Reports

These reports describe the health of the population, highlight priorities for prevention and make evidence-based recommendations which inform the Public Health work programme in Devon.

Devon Annual Public Health Reports

Adult Social Care Annual Reports

This report identifies current issues and priorities for adult social care in Devon.  It is accompanied by a vision of care and support for vulnerable adults in Devon, and is supported by a number of joint commissioning strategies setting priorities for health and care services locally.

Adult Social Care in Devon 2014 Annual Report

Vision of care and support for vulnerable adults in Devon, December 2013

 Joint Commissioning Strategies

A mental health commissioning strategy for Devon, Plymouth and Torbay, 2014-2017

Living well with a learning disability in Devon, 2014-2017

Living well with dementia in Devon – making progress 2014-2016

Carers in Devon: joint strategy, 2014-2019

Joint Prevention Strategy – Living Well and Aging Well, 2015-2018

Devonomics – Devon’s Local Economic Assessment

‘Devonomics’ is a website containing data and reports relevant to the Devon economy, which comprises the first draft of Devon’s Local Economic Assessment. The assessment provides an overview and in-depth analysis of Devon’s economy and assesses some of the key factors which are important to the County’s economic resilience.