Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report

Full Report

The Devon Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report monitors progress against the priorities identified in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

These indicators are organised around the five priorities in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Devon 2016-19.  The priorities are:

  1. Children, Young People and Families
  2. Living Well
  3. Good Health and Wellbeing in Older Age
  4. Strong and Supportive Communities
  5. Life Long Mental Health

The latest Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report is available below:

Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report 2016-19 December 2018 Full Version

The paper to the Health and Wellbeing Board summarising the latest report is available below:

Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Report Paper December 2018

The next report will be published here in December 2018.

Archived versions of previous reports can be found here.

Individual Indicator Reports

The full report includes indicators across the five priority areas.  The individual indicator reports including within the full report compare Devon to other South West local authorities and similar local authorities nationally, track trends over time, investigate the pattern and nature of health and wellbeing inequalities, compare local authority districts within Devon and also compare Clinical Commissioning Groups and their localities across the wider Devon area.

Priority 1: Children, Young People and Families

Children in Poverty

Early Years Foundation Score

Excess Weight in Four/Five Year Olds

Excess Weight in 10/11 Year Olds

GCSE Attainment * updated indicator

Teenage Conception Rate * updated indicator

Alcohol-Specific Admissions in under 18s

Priority 2: Living Well

Adult Smoking Prevalence

Excess Weight in Adults* updated indicator

Proportion of Physically Active Adults* updated indicator

Alcohol-Related Admissions * updated indicator

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption (five-a-day)* updated indicator

Mortality Rate from Preventable Causes

Male Life Expectancy Gap

Female Life Expectancy Gap

Priority 3: Good Health and Wellbeing in Older Age

Feel Supported to Manage Own Condition

Re-ablement Services (Effectiveness)

Re-ablement Services (Coverage)

Healthy Life Expectancy Male

Healthy Life Expectancy Female

Injuries Due to Falls

Deaths in Usual Place of Residence

Priority 4: Strong and Supportive Communities

Domestic Violence Incidents per 1,000 Population* updated indicator

Stable and Appropriate Accommodation (Learning Disability)

Re-offending Rate

Rough Sleeping Rate per 1,000 Households 

Dwellings with Category One Hazards

Private Sector Dwellings Made Free of Hazards

Fuel Poverty

Priority 5: Life Long Mental Health

Emotional Wellbeing in Looked After Children* updated indicator

Hospital Admissions for Self-Harm, aged 10 to 24* updated indicator

Gap in Employment Rate (Mental Health Clients)

Stable and Appropriate Accommodation (Mental Health)

Self-Reported Wellbeing (Low Happiness Score)

Suicide Rate

Social Contentedness

Dementia Diagnosis Rate