Alcohol Misuse

Why is it an issue?

Alcohol misuse in Devon contributes to increased hospital admissions, early mortality, crime and disorder, domestic violence and health and social inequalities.

What is the position in Devon?

There are currently an estimated 118,600 adults in Devon at increased risk of harm from alcohol due to regularly drinking more than recommended limits, and 25,800 whose current alcohol use is likely to have an adverse impact on their current health.  People living in the most deprived areas in Devon are almost four times more likely to be admitted to hospital for alcohol specific conditions than those in the least deprived areas.

“Besides the increase in chronic liver disease in the population, the increasing and excessive consumption of alcohol has great detrimental impact in many other aspects of society.”

 What is the evidence of effective interventions?

The alcohol treatment model commissioned in Devon is evidence based and has resulted in a reduction in the increasing rate of alcohol related hospital admissions.  There is evidence of the effectiveness of peer led recovery and the model is being piloted in Devon and will include working with families in need of targeted support.  There is evidence of the effectiveness of brief interventions in a range of settings including primary care and community based settings.  In Devon there is a focus on working with individuals at risk of further hospital admissions through hospital liaison nurses and community outreach staff this model has a current focus in North and South Devon.  There is some evidence for targeted night time economy work.