Carers Support

Why is it an issue?

The physical and emotional health and wellbeing of carers declines more rapidly than those without caring responsibilities.

What is the position in Devon?

Around one in nine people in Devon are unpaid carers with the highest proportions in older age groups.  Current estimates suggest around 81,000 provide unpaid care in Devon.  Hours spend on caring duties increase rapidly with age, with around half of those aged 85 and over providing unpaid care spending 50 or more hours a week doing so.

What is the evidence of effective interventions?

The Devon Carers Strategy 2009-2019 has identified a number of evidence based interventions. The carers health needs assessment recommended that carers support should be particularly targeted at carers who are caring for more than 50 hours per week, over the age of 65, caring for someone with a deteriorating physical condition or with mental health problems, making the transition from caring for a child in transition to adulthood and caring for someone at the end of their life. There are currently joint commissioning arrangements in place for carer’s services and a support and engagement contract which was awarded in 2011.