Education Outcomes and Skills

Why is it an issue?

Access to high quality early education opportunities, school standards and post-16 education play an important part in giving children and young people the chance to fulfil their potential.

 What is the position in Devon?

58.0% of children in Devon achieved five or more GCSEs including Maths and English in 2010-11, which is below the national average (58.3%), and ranges from 40.6% in Bideford to 73.0% in Ottery St Mary.  Girls (62.9%) also outperformed boys (53.1%) in Devon.

“There is a link between poor education, deprivation and health inequality, which can be eroded by better access to education opportunities.”

 What is the evidence of effective interventions?

There is a strong relationship between the level of deprivation in an area and educational attainment. There is also evidence that higher educational attainment is associated with healthier behaviour. Rates of unemployment are highest amongst those with no or few qualifications and skills. Rates are also higher in people with disabilities, mental ill health, those with caring responsibilities, lone parents, those from some ethnic groups, older workers and young people. Education outcomes and skills are important to break the cycle of low-paid, poor quality work and unemployment and reduce both the short and long-term effect on health.