Health and Wellbeing Priorities

The health and wellbeing priorities have been selected to provide a number of high-level evidence-based priorities which are a challenge to resolve and span organisational responsibilities. The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment provided the evidence for the priorities and consultation with partners, the public and specific user groups has shown that the priorities were also important to Devon communities.

The stakeholder conference supported the chosen priority areas but highlighted social capital and mental health as important areas.  A number of themes emerged including a focus on family, healthy lifestyles, older people’s independence and social capital and building communities.  Whilst priorities span the theme areas and some priorities are issues at each stage of the lifecourse they have been grouped to support delivery.  The wider consultation and engagement received a good number and range of responses and overall support that all the priorities were a very high or high priority. Dementia, carers and education outcomes were ranked highest for individual and organisational responses.  The consultation highlighted the absence of mental health and emotional health and wellbeing as a priority area. A detailed report on the consultation is available on the health and wellbeing pages or on request. To reflect the feedback the priorities have been grouped and mental health and emotional health and wellbeing has been included as a priority area. Some comments from responders are included in the strategy.

Based on the evidence and progress made on the priorities they will be reviewed and refreshed annually.