NHS Healthchecks delivery through GP practices relaunched Sept 2017

Following a one year suspension to the programme, from September 2017 healthchecks will resume for those GP practices that are offering them.

GP surgeries in Devon offering a NHS Healthcheck

If the GP practice you are registered to is not on the list then the following can be recommended:

  1. The individual can be signposted towards the NHS Heart Age test which is available online, and covers some common aspects of the NHS Healthcheck: https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/for-your-body/check-your-health/heart-age-test/
  2. If the person has concerns about their lifestyle, even if the GP practice doesn’t offer a NHS Healthcheck they normally encourage a discussion with the GP/Practice Nurse about these concerns and support the individual.
  3. If the person identifies any areas of their lifestyle which they feel they would like to change i.e. Quit smoking, increase physical activity, reduce their alcohol consumption or make changes to their eating habits then we would encourage them to contact our Lifestyle service: https://www.onesmallstep.org.uk/
  4. They can contact Public Health on 01392 383000 to discuss the matter further and seek alternative solutions.