Torridge LSOAs

These profiles were published in June 2018.

E01020275 – Torridge 001AAppledoreAppledore
E01020276 – Torridge 001BAppledoreAppledore outskirts, Northam North East and surrounding areas
E01020277 – Torridge 004ABideford EastBideford South East – Churchhill Road and Barton Tors area
E01020278 – Torridge 004BBideford EastBideford Cliveden Road and Hillcrest Road areas, Weare Gifford, Woodtown and surrounding areas
E01020279 – Torridge 004CBideford EastBideford East – Clifton Street and Broadlands area
E01020280 – Torridge 003ABideford NorthBideford Town Centre
E01020281 – Torridge 003BBideford NorthBideford West – Northdown Road and Lane Field Road areas
E01020282 – Torridge 003CBideford NorthBideford – Victoria Park and Kingsley Road area
E01020283 – Torridge 004DBideford SouthBideford South West – Atlantic Village and Moreton Park Road areas
E01020284 – Torridge 004EBideford SouthBideford West – Devonshire Park and Ford Farm area
E01020285 – Torridge 004FBideford SouthBideford South West – Pynes Lane area
E01020286 – Torridge 009ABroadheathClawton, Northcott, Cross Green, Broadwoodwidger and surrounding areas
E01020287 – Torridge 007AClintonTaddiport, Petrockstowe, Marland, Little Torrington and surrounding areas
E01020288 – Torridge 005AClovelly BayWoolsery, Clovelly, Buck’s Cross, Ashmansworthy and surrounding areas
E01020289 – Torridge 009BCoham BridgeBlack Torrington, Cookbury, Sheepwash and surrounding areas
E01020290 – Torridge 009CForestHalwill Junction, Halwill, Ashwater, Virginstow and surrounding areas
E01020291 – Torridge 008AHartland and BradworthyBradworthy, Meddon, Welcombe and surrounding areas
E01020292 – Torridge 005BHartland and BradworthyHartland and surrounding areas
E01020293 – Torridge 008BHolsworthyHolsworthy South and East, Sutcombe, Chillsworthy, Hollacombe and surrounding areas
E01020294 – Torridge 008CHolsworthyHolsworthy North and West (Trewyn / West Croft)
E01020295 – Torridge 005CKenwithWest of Bideford – Abbotsham, Parkham and surrounding areas
E01020296 – Torridge 005DMonkleigh and LittlehamSouth of Bideford – Monkleigh, Littleham, Frithelstock and surrounding areas
E01020297 -Torridge 001CNorthamNortham Central (Fore Street and Dodwell Road area)
E01020298 – Torridge 002ANorthamNortham South – Highfield, Cluden Road, Windmill Lane and Durrant Lane areas
E01020299 – Torridge 001DNorthamNortham North West – Golf Links Road, Richmond Park and Bay View Road areas
E01020300 – Torridge 002BOrchard HillBideford North West – Orchard Hill and Raleigh Hill areas
E01020301 – Torridge 009DShebbear and LangtreeShebbear, Newton St Petrock, Langtree and surrounding areas
E01020302 – Torridge 008DTamarsideWest of Holsworthy – Jewell’s Cross, Pyworthy and surrounding areas
E01020303 – Torridge 007BThree MoorsBeaford, Dolton, Roborough and surrounding areas
E01020304 – Torridge 006ATorringtonGreat Torrington West – New Street, Mill Street and School Lane area
E01020305 – Torridge 006BTorringtonGreat Torrington South – Well Street and Castle Hill area
E01020306 – Torridge 006CTorringtonGreat Torrington – Hatchmoor Road, Kingsmead Drive and Burwood Road areas
E01020307 – Torridge 006DTorringtonGreat Torrington – Calf Street, East Street, Greenbank and surrounding areas
E01020308 – Torridge 007CTwo RiversHigh Bickington, St Giles in the Wood, Yarnscombe and surrounding areas
E01020309 – Torridge 008EWaldonPutford, Milton Damerel, Buckland Brewer and surrounding areas
E01020310 – Torridge 002CWestward Ho!Westward Ho! West and Buckleigh
E01020311 – Torridge 007DWinkleighWinkleigh, Riddlecombe, Hollocombe and surrounding areas