These profiles were published in June 2017.

E01020191AmbrookSouth West of Newton Abbot: Denbury (East), Torbryan, West Ogwell, East Ogwell and surrounding areas
E01020192AmbrookSouth of Newton Abbot: Abbotkerswell and surrounding areas
E01020193AmbrookBroadhempston, Forder Green, Woodland, Denbury (West) and surrounding areas
E01020194AmbrookNewton Abbot South – Ogwell Road, Abbotsridge Drive and surrounding areas
E01020195Ashburton and BuckfastleighAshburton (East), Caton and surrounding areas
E01020196Ashburton and BuckfastleighAshburton (West)
E01020197Ashburton and BuckfastleighBuckfast, Buckland in the Moor and surrounding areas
E01020198Ashburton and BuckfastleighBuckfastleigh (North)
E01020199Ashburton and BuckfastleighBuckfastleigh (South)
E01020200BishopsteigntonBishopsteignton (North), Luton and surrounding areas
E01020201BishopsteigntonBishopsteignton (South) and surrounding areas
E01020202BoveyBovey Tracey (South)
E01020203BoveyBovey Tracey (East)
E01020205BoveyLustleigh, Brimley and surrounding areas
E01020206BoveyBovey Tracey (West)
E01020207BradleyWest of Newton Abbot: Seale Hayne area
E01020208BradleyNewton Abbot: Rosemary Avenue and Manor Road area
E01020209BradleyNewton Abbot: Woodleigh Road area
E01020210BradleyNewton Abbot: Coombeshead Road area
E01020211Buckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Sandringham Road area
E01020212Buckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Windsor Avenue area
E01020213Buckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Shaldon Road and Swanborough Road area
E01020214Buckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Laburnham Road and Ash Way area
E01020215Buckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Fern Road area
E01020216BushellNewton Abbot: Broadlands area
E01020217BushellNewton Abbot : Station Road and Osborne Street area
E01020218BushellNewton Abbot: Central – Union Road and Halcyon Road area
E01020219BushellNewton Abbot: Knowles Hill area
E01020220ChudleighChudleigh (West)
E01020221ChudleighChudleigh (East) and surrounding areas
E01020222ChudleighChudleigh (Central)
E01020223ChudleighChudleigh Knighton, Hennock and surrounding areas
E01020224CollegeNewton Abbot: Gloucester Road area
E01020225CollegeNewton Abbot: St Leonards Road area
E01020226CollegeNewton Abbot: South Road and College Road area
E01020227CollegeNewton Abbot: Park Road and Forde Park area
E01020228Dawlish Central and North EastDawlish: Seafront area
E01020229Dawlish Central and North EastDawlish Warren and Cookwood
E01020230Dawlish Central and North EastDawlish: Longlands and Wallace Avenue area
E01020231Dawlish Central and North EastDawlish (East)
E01020232Dawlish Central and North EastDawlish: Gatehouse Hill area
E01020233Dawlish South WestDawlish: Teignmouth Road area
E01020234Dawlish South WestDawlish: Coronation Avenue area
E01020235Dawlish South WestDawlish: Church Street area
E01020236HaytorLiverton West, Coldeast, Exeter Cross and surrounding areas
E01020237HaytorHaytor Vale, Liverton, Ilsington, Sigford, Bickington and surrounding areas
E01020238IpplepenIpplepen (Inner)
E01020239IpplepenIpplepen (Outer)
E01020240Kenn ValleyPowderham, Exminster (South and Central) and surrounding areas
E01020241Kenn ValleySouth of Exeter: Kenn, Kennford and surrounding areas
E01020242Kenn ValleySouth of Exeter: Exminster (North and East)
E01020243Kenn ValleySouth and West of Exeter: Ide, Dunchideock, Shillingford St George and surrounding areas
E01020244Kenton with StarcrossStarcross and surrounding area
E01020245Kenton with StarcrossKenton, Ashcombe and surrounding area
E01020246Kerswell-with-CombeEast of Newton Abbot: Combeinteignhead, Netherton, Haccombe, Coffinswell, Daccombe and surrounding areas
E01020247Kerswell-with-CombeKingskerswell (Central)
E01020248Kerswell-with-CombeKingskerswell (South), North Whilborough and surrounding areas
E01020249Kerswell-with-CombeSouth East of Newton Abbot: Kingskerswell (North) and surrounding areas
E01020250Kingsteignton EastKingsteignton: Tarrs Avenue area
E01020251Kingsteignton EastKingsteignton (North East), Ideford and surrounding areas
E01020252Kingsteignton EastKingsteignton: Greenhill Way area
E01020253Kingsteignton EastKingsteignton: Rydon Road area
E01020254Kingsteignton WestKingsteignton: Ley Lane area
E01020255Kingsteignton WestKingsteignton: Broadway Road area
E01020256Kingsteignton WestNorth of Newton Abbot: Teigngrace and surrounding areas
E01020257Kingsteignton WestKingsteignton: Sandygate and Firleigh Road area
E01020258MoorlandMoretonhampstead, Doccombe and surrounding areas
E01020259MoorlandWidecombe in the Moor, Manaton, Cator Court, Ponsworthy, Poundsgate, Lettaford, North Bovey and surrounding areas
E01020260Shaldon and StokeinteignheadShaldon Central
E01020261Shaldon and StokeinteignheadShaldon West and East, Stokeinteignhead and surrounding areas
E01020262Teignbridge NorthWest of Exeter: Whitestone, Longdown and surrounding areas
E01020263Teignbridge NorthTedburn St Mary, Pathfinder Village and surrounding areas
E01020264Teignmouth CentralTeignmouth: Landscore Road area
E01020265Teignmouth CentralTeignmouth: Pellow Way and St Marys Road area
E01020266Teignmouth CentralTeignmouth: Buckeridge Road area
E01020267Teignmouth EastTeignmouth: Haldon Avenue area
E01020268Teignmouth EastTeignmouth: Woodway Road area
E01020269Teignmouth EastTeignmouth: Town Centre and Seafront area
E01020270Teignmouth WestTeignmouth: Moorview Drive area
E01020271Teignmouth WestTeignmouth: Westbrook Avenue area
E01020272Teignmouth WestTeignmouth: Hospital and Mill Lane area
E01020273Teign ValleyBridford, Christow, Dunsford and surrounding area
E01020274Teign ValleyDoddiscombsleigh, Trusham, Higher Ashton, Lower Ashton, Coombe and surrounding areas