Teignbridge LSOAs

These profiles were published in June 2018.

E01020191 – Teignbridge 013AAmbrookSouth West of Newton Abbot: Denbury (East), Torbryan, West Ogwell, East Ogwell and surrounding areas
E01020192 – Teignbridge 019AAmbrookSouth of Newton Abbot: Abbotkerswell and surrounding areas
E01020193 – Teignbridge 019BAmbrookBroadhempston, Forder Green, Woodland, Denbury (West) and surrounding areas
E01020194 – Teignbridge 013BAmbrookNewton Abbot South – Ogwell Road, Abbotsridge Drive and surrounding areas
E01020195 – Teignbridge 017AAshburton and BuckfastleighAshburton (East), Caton and surrounding areas
E01020196 – Teignbridge 017BAshburton and BuckfastleighAshburton (West)
E01020197 – Teignbridge 017CAshburton and BuckfastleighBuckfast, Buckland in the Moor and surrounding areas
E01020198 – Teignbridge 017DAshburton and BuckfastleighBuckfastleigh (North)
E01020199 – Teignbridge 017EAshburton and BuckfastleighBuckfastleigh (South)
E01020200 – Teignbridge 011ABishopsteigntonBishopsteignton (North), Luton and surrounding areas
E01020201 – Teignbridge 011BBishopsteigntonBishopsteignton (South) and surrounding areas
E01020202 – Teignbridge 007ABoveyBovey Tracey (South)
E01020203 – Teignbridge 004ABoveyBovey Tracey (East)
E01020204 – Teignbridge 007BBoveyHeathfield
E01020205 – Teignbridge 003ABoveyLustleigh, Brimley and surrounding areas
E01020206 – Teignbridge 004BBoveyBovey Tracey (West)
E01020207 – Teignbridge 013CBradleyWest of Newton Abbot: Seale Hayne area
E01020208 – Teignbridge 012ABradleyNewton Abbot: Rosemary Avenue and Manor Road area
E01020209 – Teignbridge 012BBradleyNewton Abbot: Woodleigh Road area
E01020210 – Teignbridge 012CBradleyNewton Abbot: Coombeshead Road area
E01020211 – Teignbridge 014ABuckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Sandringham Road area
E01020212 – Teignbridge 016ABuckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Windsor Avenue area
E01020213 – Teignbridge 016BBuckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Shaldon Road and Swanborough Road area
E01020214 – Teignbridge 016CBuckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Laburnham Road and Ash Way area
E01020215 – Teignbridge 016DBuckland and MilberNewton Abbot: Fern Road area
E01020216 – Teignbridge 015ABushellNewton Abbot: Broadlands area
E01020217 – Teignbridge 014BBushellNewton Abbot : Station Road and Osborne Street area
E01020218 – Teignbridge 014CBushellNewton Abbot: Central – Union Road and Halcyon Road area
E01020219 – Teignbridge 012DBushellNewton Abbot: Knowles Hill area
E01020220 – Teignbridge 004CChudleighChudleigh (West)
E01020221 – Teignbridge 004DChudleighChudleigh (East) and surrounding areas
E01020222 – Teignbridge 004EChudleighChudleigh (Central)
E01020223 – Teignbridge 004FChudleighChudleigh Knighton, Hennock and surrounding areas
E01020224 – Teignbridge 014DCollegeNewton Abbot: Gloucester Road area
E01020225 – Teignbridge 015BCollegeNewton Abbot: St Leonards Road area
E01020226 – Teignbridge 015CCollegeNewton Abbot: South Road and College Road area
E01020227 – Teignbridge 015DCollegeNewton Abbot: Park Road and Forde Park area
E01020228 – Teignbridge 006ADawlish Central and North EastDawlish: Seafront area
E01020229 – Teignbridge 005ADawlish Central and North EastDawlish Warren and Cookwood
E01020230 – Teignbridge 005BDawlish Central and North EastDawlish: Longlands and Wallace Avenue area
E01020231 – Teignbridge 005CDawlish Central and North EastDawlish (East)
E01020232 – Teignbridge 005DDawlish Central and North EastDawlish: Gatehouse Hill area
E01020233 – Teignbridge 006BDawlish South WestDawlish: Teignmouth Road area
E01020234 – Teignbridge 006CDawlish South WestDawlish: Coronation Avenue area
E01020235 – Teignbridge 006DDawlish South WestDawlish: Church Street area
E01020236 – Teignbridge 007CHaytorLiverton West, Coldeast, Exeter Cross and surrounding areas
E01020237 – Teignbridge 007DHaytorHaytor Vale, Liverton, Ilsington, Sigford, Bickington and surrounding areas
E01020238 – Teignbridge 019CIpplepenIpplepen (Inner)
E01020239 – Teignbridge 019DIpplepenIpplepen (Outer)
E01020240 – Teignbridge 002AKenn ValleyPowderham, Exminster (South and Central) and surrounding areas
E01020241 – Teignbridge 002BKenn ValleySouth of Exeter: Kenn, Kennford and surrounding areas
E01020242 – Teignbridge 002CKenn ValleySouth of Exeter: Exminster (North and East)
E01020243 – Teignbridge 001AKenn ValleySouth and West of Exeter: Ide, Dunchideock, Shillingford St George and surrounding areas
E01020244 – Teignbridge 002DKenton with StarcrossStarcross and surrounding area
E01020245 – Teignbridge 002EKenton with StarcrossKenton, Ashcombe and surrounding area
E01020246 – Teignbridge 018AKerswell-with-CombeEast of Newton Abbot: Combeinteignhead, Netherton, Haccombe, Coffinswell, Daccombe and surrounding areas
E01020247 – Teignbridge 018BKerswell-with-CombeKingskerswell (Central)
E01020248 – Teignbridge 018CKerswell-with-CombeKingskerswell (South), North Whilborough and surrounding areas
E01020249 – Teignbridge 018DKerswell-with-CombeSouth East of Newton Abbot: Kingskerswell (North) and surrounding areas
E01020250 – Teignbridge 009AKingsteignton EastKingsteignton: Tarrs Avenue area
E01020251 – Teignbridge 011CKingsteignton EastKingsteignton (North East), Ideford and surrounding areas
E01020252 – Teignbridge 009BKingsteignton EastKingsteignton: Greenhill Way area
E01020253 – Teignbridge 009CKingsteignton EastKingsteignton: Rydon Road area
E01020254 – Teignbridge 009DKingsteignton WestKingsteignton: Ley Lane area
E01020255 – Teignbridge 009EKingsteignton WestKingsteignton: Broadway Road area
E01020256 – Teignbridge 013DKingsteignton WestNorth of Newton Abbot: Teigngrace and surrounding areas
E01020257 – Teignbridge 009FKingsteignton WestKingsteignton: Sandygate and Firleigh Road area
E01020258 – Teignbridge 003BMoorlandMoretonhampstead, Doccombe and surrounding areas
E01020259 – Teignbridge 003CMoorlandWidecombe in the Moor, Manaton, Cator Court, Ponsworthy, Poundsgate, Lettaford, North Bovey and surrounding areas
E01020260 – Teignbridge 011DShaldon and StokeinteignheadShaldon Central
E01020261 – Teignbridge 011EShaldon and StokeinteignheadShaldon West and East, Stokeinteignhead and surrounding areas
E01020262 – Teignbridge 001BTeignbridge NorthWest of Exeter: Whitestone, Longdown and surrounding areas
E01020263 – Teignbridge 001CTeignbridge NorthTedburn St Mary, Pathfinder Village and surrounding areas
E01020264 – Teignbridge 010ATeignmouth CentralTeignmouth: Landscore Road area
E01020265 – Teignbridge 008ATeignmouth CentralTeignmouth: Pellow Way and St Marys Road area
E01020266 – Teignbridge 008BTeignmouth CentralTeignmouth: Buckeridge Road area
E01020267 – Teignbridge 008CTeignmouth EastTeignmouth: Haldon Avenue area
E01020268 – Teignbridge 008DTeignmouth EastTeignmouth: Woodway Road area
E01020269 – Teignbridge 010BTeignmouth EastTeignmouth: Town Centre and Seafront area
E01020270 – Teignbridge 008ETeignmouth WestTeignmouth: Moorview Drive area
E01020271 – Teignbridge 010CTeignmouth WestTeignmouth: Westbrook Avenue area
E01020272 – Teignbridge 010DTeignmouth WestTeignmouth: Hospital and Mill Lane area
E01020273 – Teignbridge 003DTeign ValleyBridford, Christow, Dunsford and surrounding area
E01020274 – Teignbridge 001DTeign ValleyDoddiscombsleigh, Trusham, Higher Ashton, Lower Ashton, Coombe and surrounding areas