These profiles were published in June 2017.

LSOA Ward Description
E01019968 Alphington Exeter: Alphington – Ide Lane & Aldens Road area
E01019969 Alphington Exeter: Alphington – Church Road, Mill Lane and Marsh Barton area
E01019970 Alphington Exeter: Alphington – Dawlish Road and Matford area
E01019971 Alphington Exeter: West Exe Quay area
E01019972 Alphington Exeter: Alphington Road – Ebrington Road area
E01019973 Alphington Exeter: Cowick Lane – School, Allotments and Playing Field area
E01019974 Cowick Exeter: Cowick – Barley Farm Road area
E01019975 Cowick Exeter: Cowick – Newman Road area
E01019976 Cowick Exeter: Cowick – Crossmead, Cowick Hill and Dunsford Gardens area
E01019977 Cowick Exeter: Cowick Lane – Franklyn Hospital area
E01019980 Exwick Exeter: Exwick – Farm Hill area
E01019981 Exwick Exeter: Exwick – Redhills area
E01019982 Exwick Exeter: Exwick – Old Village, Cornflower Hill and St Andrews Road areas
E01019983 Exwick Exeter: Exwick – Exwick Road area
E01019984 Exwick Exeter: Exwick – Gloucester Road area
E01019985 Exwick Exeter: Exwick – Cemetery area
E01019986 Heavitree Exeter: Heavitree – Whipton Lane and Chard Road area
E01019987 Heavitree Exeter: Heavitree – Fore Street area
E01019988 Heavitree Exeter: Heavitree – St Loyes Road and Kingsway area
E01019989 Heavitree Exeter: Heavitree – South Lawn Terrace area
E01019990 Mincinglake Exeter: Lancelot Road area
E01019991 Mincinglake Exeter: Beacon Heath area
E01019992 Mincinglake Exeter: Bennett Square and Woolsery Avenue area
E01019993 Mincinglake Exeter: Chancellors Way and Pinwood Meadow Drive area
E01019994 Newtown Exeter: Clifton Hill area
E01019995 Newtown Exeter: Sidwell Street and Clifton Road area
E01019996 Newtown Exeter: Magdalen Road area
E01019997 Newtown Exeter: Blackboy Road area
E01019998 Pennsylvania Exeter: Pennsylvania, Collins Road area
E01019999 Pennsylvania Exeter: Lower Pennsylvania
E01020000 Pennsylvania Exeter: Stoke Hill
E01020001 Pennsylvania Exeter: Upper Pennsylvania
E01020002 Pinhoe Exeter: Harrington Lane and Fox Road area
E01020003 Pinhoe Exeter: Pinhoe, Church Hill and Main Road area
E01020004 Pinhoe Exeter: Monkerton
E01020005 Pinhoe Exeter: Summerway area
E01020006 Polsloe Exeter: Polsloe – Monks Road and Wykes Road area
E01020007 Polsloe Exeter: Polsloe – Priory Road area
E01020008 Polsloe Exeter: Polsloe – Commins Road area
E01020009 Polsloe Exeter: Polsloe – Ladysmith School area
E01020010 Priory Exeter: Burnthouse Lane area (Poets)
E01020011 Priory Exeter: Countess Wear, Higher Wear
E01020012 Priory Exeter: Countess Wear, Lower Wear
E01020013 Priory Exeter: Wonford Hopital and Village area
E01020014 Priory Exeter: Burnthouse Lane area (Rifford Road)
E01020015 Priory Exeter: Burnthouse Lane area (Trees)
E01020016 St David’s Exeter: Cathedral and City Centre East
E01020017 St David’s Exeter: St Davids, College and Station
E01020018 St David’s Exeter: City Centre West
E01020019 St James Exeter: St James – Victoria Street area
E01020020 St James Exeter: St James – Football Ground area
E01020021 St James Exeter: Howell Road area
E01020022 St James Exeter: Longbrook Street area
E01020023 St Leonard’s Exeter: St Leonards – Rivermead Road area
E01020024 St Leonard’s Exeter: St Leonards – Matford Lane and St Leonards Road area
E01020025 St Leonard’s Exeter: St Leonards – Mount Radford area
E01020026 St Loyes Exeter: St Loyes – Broadfields area
E01020027 St Loyes Exeter: St Loyes – Woodwater Lane area
E01020029 St Thomas Exeter: St Thomas – Wardrew Road area
E01020030 St Thomas Exeter: St Thomas – Cowick Street area
E01020031 St Thomas Exeter: St Thomas – Old Vicarage Road and Barton Road area
E01020032 St Thomas Exeter: St Thomas – Pinces Gardens area
E01020033 Topsham Exeter: Topsham – Newcourt Road and Exeter Road area
E01020035 Topsham Exeter: Topsham Road, Southbrook Road area
E01020036 Whipton & Barton Exeter: Hamlins Lane and Honeylands area
E01020037 Whipton & Barton Exeter: Whipton, Hillyfield Road area
E01020038 Whipton & Barton Exeter: Gallows Bridge Area
E01020039 Whipton & Barton Exeter: Whipton – Leypark Road and Bramley Avenue area
E01020040 Whipton & Barton Exeter: Sweetbrier Lane area
E01033232 St Loyes Exeter: Kings Heath area
E01033233 Duryard Exeter: University and West Garth Road areas
E01033234 St Loyes Exeter: Clyst Heath and Sowton
E01033235 Topsham Exeter: Topsham High Street area
E01033236 Topsham Exeter: Topsham Victoria Road area