East Devon

These profiles were published in June 2017.

E01019886Axminster RuralEast of Axminster: Millbrook, Hawkchurch and surrounding areas
E01019887Axminster TownAxminster (East) and Foxhill
E01019888Axminster TownAxminster (Central and West)
E01019889Axminster TownAxminster (South)
E01019890Beer and BranscombeBeer, Branscombe, Vicarage and surrounding areas
E01019891BroadclystNorth East of Exeter: Broadclyst (North), Clyst St Lawrence, Clyst Hydon, Westwood, Budlake and surrounding areas
E01019892BroadclystNorth East of Exeter: Cranbrook, Broadclyst (South), Poltimore, Dog Village and surrounding areas
E01019893BroadclystEast of Exeter: Rockbeare, Clyst Honiton, Marsh Green and surrounding areas
E01019894BudleighBudleigh Salterton (East)
E01019895BudleighBudleigh Salterton (West) and Knowle
E01019896BudleighEast Budleigh and surrounding areas
E01019897BudleighBudleigh Salterton (North)
E01019898Clyst ValleyEast of Exeter: Clyst St Mary, Sowton, Farringdon, Clyst St George, Ebford and surrounding areas
E01019899Coly ValleyColyton
E01019900Coly ValleyColyford, Northleigh and surrounding areas
E01019901Coly ValleyFarway, Church Green, Southleigh, Offwell, Wilmington, Widworthy and surrounding areas
E01019902DunkeswellNorth of Honiton: Dunkeswell, Sheldon, Abbey, Combe Raleigh and surrounding areas
E01019903Exe ValleyNorth of Exeter: Stoke Canon, Cowley, Brampford Speke, Upton Pyne, Rewe, Nether Exe, Up Exe and surrounding areas
E01019904Exmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Churchill Road, Fraser Road and Greenpark Road area
E01019905Exmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Dinan Way and Bystock Road area
E01019906Exmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Pines Road area
E01019907Exmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Winston Road and Parkside Drive area
E01019908Exmouth HalsdonExmouth – Byron Way area
E01019909Exmouth HalsdonExmouth – Hulham Road area
E01019910Exmouth HalsdonExmouth – Gipsy Lane, College and Phear Park area
E01019911Exmouth HalsdonExmouth – Littlemead Lane area
E01019912Exmouth LittlehamExmouth – Hospital area
E01019913Exmouth LittlehamExmouth – University and Douglas Avenue area
E01019914Exmouth LittlehamExmouth – Littleham
E01019915Exmouth LittlehamExmouth – Salterton Road and Cranford Avenue area
E01019916Exmouth TownExmouth – Town Centre area
E01019917Exmouth TownExmouth – Central, Exeter Road East (Madiera Villas area)
E01019918Exmouth TownExmouth – The Point, Docks and Victoria Road Area
E01019919Exmouth TownExmouth – Central, Exeter Road West (Church Road area)
E01019920Exmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Prince of Wales Drive, Superstore and Withycombe Brook area
E01019921Exmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Ashleigh Road, Richmond Road and Bradhams Lane area
E01019922Exmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Moorfield Road area
E01019923Exmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – The Marles and Pound Lane area
E01019924Exmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Liverton and Veiges area
E01019925Feniton and BuckerellFeniton
E01019927Honiton St Michael’sHoniton – Streamers Meadows and King Street areas near High Street
E01019928Honiton St Michael’sHoniton – Millhead Road area
E01019929Honiton St Michael’sHoniton – Honiton Bottom Road area
E01019930Honiton St Michael’sHoniton – Old Elm Road and Devonshire Road area
E01019931Honiton St Michael’sHoniton – Battishorne Way area
E01019932Honiton St Paul’sHoniton – Dowell Street/Northcott Lane area near High Street
E01019933Honiton St Paul’sHoniton – Langford Avenue/Marwood House area
E01019934Honiton St Paul’sHoniton – Kings Road/Pine Park Road area
E01019935NewbridgesKilmington (West), Dalwood, Shute and surrounding areas
E01019936NewbridgesMusbury, Whitford and surrounding areas
E01019937Newton Poppleford and HarpfordNewton Poppleford, Harpford, Southerton, Venn Ottery and surrounding areas
E01019938OtterheadNorth East of Honiton: Cotleigh, Monkton, Stockland, Cotleigh, Rawridge, Upottery, Smeathorpe, Luppitt, Beacon, Newcott and surrounding areas
E01019939Ottery St Mary RuralWest Hill (West), Aylesbeare and surrounding areas
E01019940Ottery St Mary RuralWest Hill (East), Metcombe, Wiggaton, Tipton St John and surrounding areas
E01019942Ottery St Mary TownOttery St Mary (West)
E01019943Ottery St Mary TownOttery St Mary (East)
E01019944Ottery St Mary TownOttery St Mary (North)
E01019945RaleighWoodbury Salterton, Otterton, Colaton Raleigh, Hawkerland, Yettington, Pinn and surrounding areas
E01019946SeatonSeaton (West)
E01019947SeatonSeaton (Seafront)
E01019948SeatonSeaton – Harepath Road area
E01019949SeatonSeaton (North)
E01019950SeatonSeaton – Cricket Field area
E01019951Sidmouth RuralEast Sidmouth, Salcombe Regis, Sidbury, Harcombe and surrounding areas
E01019952Sidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Sidford
E01019953Sidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Newlands Road area
E01019954Sidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Middle Woolbrook area
E01019955Sidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Coulsdon Road area
E01019956Sidmouth TownSidmouth – Town Centre area
E01019957Sidmouth TownSidmouth – Cotmaton area
E01019958Sidmouth TownSidmouth – Upper and Lower Woolbrook area
E01019959Tale ValePayhembury (East), Broadhembury, Awliscombe, Lower Cheriton and surrounding areas
E01019960Tale ValePlymtree, Payhembury (West), Norman’s Green, Higher Tale, Dulford, Kerswell and surrounding areas
E01019961TrinityUplyme, Axmouth, Dowlands, Comboyne, Rousdon, Pinhay and surrounding areas
E01019962WhimpleWhimple, Talaton and surrounding areas
E01019963Woodbury and LympstoneWoodbury
E01019964Woodbury and LympstoneExton and surrounding areas
E01019965Woodbury and LympstoneLympstone
E01019966YartyTytherleigh, Chardstock, Churchill, Smallridge and surrounding areas
E01019967YartyMembury, Furley, Yarcombe, Marsh and surrounding areas
E01032628N/ABuckerell, Fairmile and surrounding areas