East Devon LSOAs

These profiles were published in June 2018.

E01019886 – East Devon 005AAxminster RuralEast of Axminster: Millbrook, Hawkchurch and surrounding areas
E01019887 – East Devon 005BAxminster TownAxminster (East) and Foxhill
E01019888 – East Devon 005CAxminster TownAxminster (Central and West)
E01019889 – East Devon 005DAxminster TownAxminster (South)
E01019890 – East Devon 009ABeer and BranscombeBeer, Branscombe, Vicarage and surrounding areas
E01019891 – East Devon 006ABroadclystNorth East of Exeter: Broadclyst (North), Clyst St Lawrence, Clyst Hydon, Westwood, Budlake and surrounding areas
E01019892 – East Devon 006BBroadclystNorth East of Exeter: Cranbrook, Broadclyst (South), Poltimore, Dog Village and surrounding areas
E01019893 – East Devon 006CBroadclystEast of Exeter: Cranbrook (East), Rockbeare, Clyst Honiton, Marsh Green and surrounding areas
E01019894 – East Devon 017ABudleighBudleigh Salterton (East)
E01019895 – East Devon 017BBudleighBudleigh Salterton (West) and Knowle
E01019896 – East Devon 017CBudleighEast Budleigh and surrounding areas
E01019897 – East Devon 017DBudleighBudleigh Salterton (North)
E01019898 – East Devon 014AClyst ValleyEast of Exeter: Clyst St Mary, Sowton, Farringdon, Clyst St George, Ebford and surrounding areas
E01019899 – East Devon 007AColy ValleyColyton
E01019900 – East Devon 007BColy ValleyColyford, Northleigh and surrounding areas
E01019901 – East Devon 009BColy ValleyFarway, Church Green, Southleigh, Offwell, Wilmington, Widworthy and surrounding areas
E01019902 – East Devon 001ADunkeswellNorth of Honiton: Dunkeswell, Sheldon, Abbey, Combe Raleigh and surrounding areas
E01019903 – East Devon 006DExe ValleyNorth of Exeter: Stoke Canon, Cowley, Brampford Speke, Upton Pyne, Rewe, Nether Exe, Up Exe and surrounding areas
E01019904 – East Devon 015AExmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Churchill Road, Fraser Road and Greenpark Road area
E01019905 – East Devon 015BExmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Dinan Way and Bystock Road area
E01019906 – East Devon 015CExmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Pines Road area
E01019907 – East Devon 015DExmouth BrixingtonExmouth – Winston Road and Parkside Drive area
E01019908 – East Devon 016AExmouth HalsdonExmouth – Byron Way area
E01019909 – East Devon 016BExmouth HalsdonExmouth – Hulham Road area
E01019910 – East Devon 016CExmouth HalsdonExmouth – Gipsy Lane, College and Phear Park area
E01019911 – East Devon 016DExmouth HalsdonExmouth – Littlemead Lane area
E01019912 – East Devon 020AExmouth LittlehamExmouth – Hospital area
E01019913 – East Devon 020BExmouth LittlehamExmouth – University and Douglas Avenue area
E01019914 – East Devon 020CExmouth LittlehamExmouth – Littleham
E01019915 – East Devon 020DExmouth LittlehamExmouth – Salterton Road and Cranford Avenue area
E01019916 – East Devon 019AExmouth TownExmouth – Town Centre area
E01019917 – East Devon 019BExmouth TownExmouth – Central, Exeter Road East (Madiera Villas area)
E01019918 – East Devon 019CExmouth TownExmouth – The Point, Docks and Victoria Road Area
E01019919 – East Devon 019DExmouth TownExmouth – Central, Exeter Road West (Church Road area)
E01019920 – East Devon 018AExmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Prince of Wales Drive, Superstore and Withycombe Brook area
E01019921 – East Devon 018BExmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Ashleigh Road, Richmond Road and Bradhams Lane area
E01019922 – East Devon 018CExmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Moorfield Road area
E01019923 – East Devon 018DExmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – The Marles and Pound Lane area
E01019924 – East Devon 018EExmouth Withycombe RaleighExmouth – Liverton and Veiges area
E01019925 – East Devon 004AFeniton and BuckerellFeniton
E01019927 – East Devon 002AHoniton St Michael’sHoniton – Streamers Meadows and King Street areas near High Street
E01019928 – East Devon 003AHoniton St Michael’sHoniton – Millhead Road area
E01019929 – East Devon 003BHoniton St Michael’sHoniton – Honiton Bottom Road area
E01019930 – East Devon 003CHoniton St Michael’sHoniton – Old Elm Road and Devonshire Road area
E01019931 – East Devon 003DHoniton St Michael’sHoniton – Battishorne Way area
E01019932 – East Devon 002BHoniton St Paul’sHoniton – Dowell Street/Northcott Lane area near High Street
E01019933 – East Devon 002CHoniton St Paul’sHoniton – Langford Avenue/Marwood House area
E01019934 – East Devon 002DHoniton St Paul’sHoniton – Kings Road/Pine Park Road area
E01019935 – East Devon 007CNewbridgesKilmington (West), Dalwood, Shute and surrounding areas
E01019936 – East Devon 007DNewbridgesMusbury, Whitford and surrounding areas
E01019937 – East Devon 013ANewton Poppleford and HarpfordNewton Poppleford, Harpford, Southerton, Venn Ottery and surrounding areas
E01019938 – East Devon 001BOtterheadNorth East of Honiton: Cotleigh, Monkton, Stockland, Cotleigh, Rawridge, Upottery, Smeathorpe, Luppitt, Beacon, Newcott and surrounding areas
E01019939 – East Devon 008AOttery St Mary RuralWest Hill (West), Aylesbeare and surrounding areas
E01019940 – East Devon 008BOttery St Mary RuralWest Hill (East), Metcombe, Wiggaton, Tipton St John and surrounding areas
E01019942 – East Devon 008COttery St Mary TownOttery St Mary (West)
E01019943 – East Devon 008DOttery St Mary TownOttery St Mary (East)
E01019944 – East Devon 008EOttery St Mary TownOttery St Mary (North)
E01019945 – East Devon 013BRaleighWoodbury Salterton, Otterton, Colaton Raleigh, Hawkerland, Yettington, Pinn and surrounding areas
E01019946 – East Devon 010ASeatonSeaton (West)
E01019947 – East Devon 010BSeatonSeaton (Seafront)
E01019948 – East Devon 010CSeatonSeaton – Harepath Road area
E01019949 – East Devon 010DSeatonSeaton (North)
E01019950 – East Devon 010ESeatonSeaton – Cricket Field area
E01019951 – East Devon 009CSidmouth RuralEast Sidmouth, Salcombe Regis, Sidbury, Harcombe and surrounding areas
E01019952 – East Devon 011ASidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Sidford
E01019953 – East Devon 011BSidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Newlands Road area
E01019954 – East Devon 011CSidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Middle Woolbrook area
E01019955 – East Devon 011DSidmouth SidfordSidmouth – Coulsdon Road area
E01019956 – East Devon 012ASidmouth TownSidmouth – Town Centre area
E01019957 – East Devon 012BSidmouth TownSidmouth – Cotmaton area
E01019958 – East Devon 012CSidmouth TownSidmouth – Upper and Lower Woolbrook area
E01019959 – East Devon 004DTale ValePayhembury (East), Broadhembury, Awliscombe, Lower Cheriton and surrounding areas
E01019960 – East Devon 004ETale ValePlymtree, Payhembury (West), Norman’s Green, Higher Tale, Dulford, Kerswell and surrounding areas
E01019961 – East Devon 007ETrinityUplyme, Axmouth, Dowlands, Comboyne, Rousdon, Pinhay and surrounding areas
E01019962 – East Devon 004FWhimpleWhimple, Talaton and surrounding areas
E01019963 – East Devon 013CWoodbury and LympstoneWoodbury
E01019964 – East Devon 014BWoodbury and LympstoneExton and surrounding areas
E01019965 – East Devon 014CWoodbury and LympstoneLympstone
E01019966 – East Devon 005EYartyTytherleigh, Chardstock, Churchill, Smallridge and surrounding areas
E01019967 – East Devon 001CYartyMembury, Furley, Yarcombe, Marsh and surrounding areas
E01032628 – East Devon 004GN/ABuckerell, Fairmile and surrounding areas