Community Health and Wellbeing Profiles

This section contains health and wellbeing profiles for local areas in Devon using our new JSNA profiles tool.  Profiles are available for a range of different areas and can be accessed through the links below.  You can also use the interactive tool to explore the headline data for a range of areas.

Area TypeDescription
LSOALower Super Output Area (LSOA) – small neighbourhood areas of around 1,500 population
MSOAMiddle Super Output Area (MSOA) – large neighbourhood areas of around 5-10,000 population
Electoral DivisionAreas represented by Devon County Councillors
Devon TownMarket and coastal town areas comprising town and surrounds
CHSCTCommunity Health and Social Care Team (CHSCT) areas used in the delivery of local health and care services
DistrictCovering the eight local authority districts in Devon
LocalityCovering the four health and care localities in Devon
DevonA profile for the Devon County Council area

Deprivation Profile

This profile compares the areas of Devon according to levels of deprivation, highlighting the differences in health and wellbeing between the most deprived and least deprived areas of the county in the 2015 Indices of Deprivation, and how this relationship is changing over time.

Deprivation Profile

Tool to select multiple areas

Our new JSNA profiles tool has been designed to allow users to select different areas, and also choose multiple areas to directly compares different areas, including comparing areas of different types. These are available through the link below.

Choose Geography

Open Data

The underlying data is available to access and reuse as open data through the link below.

Open Data

These profiles provide a snapshot of a wide range of information for specific areas, and do not go into any one subject in great depth. For a more detailed county-wide view, the Devon Overview looks at the overall pattern of health and care needs in the county, including the impact of population change, deprivation and economic conditions.

The Community Health and Wellbeing profiles, alongside the Devon Overview and topic pages are part of the evidence base for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.