Devon Prioritisation Grid

There are almost 70 indicators national Public Health Outcomes Framework.  In order to establish the main areas of concern within Devon, a prioritisation exercise was completed in September 2013 which looked at performance, human impact, and financial costs for these indicators, and created a prioritisation grid which lists out all indicators and rates them according to these criteria.

This exercise established three indicator types:

  • Core Indicators – these are indicators which have a large impact in terms of numbers affected and impact, or which are high spend areas for Public Health Devon.  These indicators are covered by this report.
  • Improvement Indicators – these are indicators for areas where performance is poorer than expected or deteriorating and improvements to outcomes are required. These indicators are covered by this report.
  • Monitoring Indicators – these cover areas where local outcomes are positive and the scale, human impact and cost are not high.  These indicators can be monitored through the Public Health Outcomes Tool and other sources.

The prioritisation grid is available below:

Public Health Outcomes Framework: Devon Prioritisation Grid (September 2013)