The Public Health Outcomes Framework for England, 2013-2016 was published in January 2012 and sets the context and ‘strategic direction’ for the new public health system with the vision of ‘improving and protecting the nation’s health while improving the health of the poorest fastest’.   The framework is comprised of 66 indicators across four domains, covering the wider determinants of health, health improvement, health protection, and healthcare.  A summary paper, produced by the NHS Devon Public Health team is available below:

Public Health Outcomes Framework Overview, January 2012

In November 2012 a technical refresh of the Public Health Outcomes Framework was released.  The latest full national framework document and supporting documents can be found here:

Alongside the technical refresh a Public Health Outcomes Framework Data Tool has been released which allows outcomes indicators to be interrogated for local areas

This includes outcomes profiles and data for local areas.  The Public Health Outcomes Framework officially came into effect in April 2013.