Public Health Devon Outcomes Report

The public health outcomes framework sets the context and ‘strategic direction’ for the new public health system with the vision of ‘improving and protecting the nation’s health while improving the health of the poorest fastest’. A prioritisation exercise was completed in September 2013 which looked at performance, human impact, and financial costs for these indicators and the prioritisation grid which lists out all indicators.

This exercise established that whilst many indicators could be monitored through the Public Health Outcomes Tool and other resources, for indicators critical to Public Health in Devon or where improvements were required, detailed local reports were required. These reports include regional and national comparisons with similar areas, trends, and local breakdowns by local authority district, clinical commissioning group, deprivation and other factors. The latest report is available below.

Technical Report

The technical report details each indicator and includes values for various geographical groups.

Public Health Devon Outcomes Report, October 2019

The definitions document provides indicator methodology.

Public Health Devon Outcomes Report – Definitions document

Previous versions of the reports are available.

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