Life Expectancy at Birth

Life expectancy is the average period that a person can expect to live. Table 8.1 sets out the current average life expectancy in Devon, with males living 80.4 years and females living 84.2 years on average, a difference of 3.8 years. Figure 8.4 shows the trend in male and female life expectancy, highlighting that life expectancy has increased over recent years, and that life expectancy in Devon has been consistently above the England average.

Table 8.1, Average Life Expectancy at Birth in Years, Devon Local Authorities, 2011-13

Average Life Expectancy95% Confidence IntervalAverage Life Expectancy95% Confidence Interval
East Devon81.1(80.5 to 81.7)84.3(83.8 to 84.9)
Exeter79.8(79.2 to 80.3)83.9(83.3 to 84.6)
Mid Devon80.9(80.1 to 81.7)85.6(85.0 to 86.2)
North Devon79.7(78.9 to 80.4)83.2(82.6 to 83.8)
South Hams81.1(80.4 to 81.8)85.3(84.7 to 85.9)
Teignbridge80.1(79.5 to 80.6)84.2(83.7 to 84.8)
Torridge80.5(79.8 to 81.3)82.5(81.7 to 83.3)
West Devon79.4(78.4 to 80.4)84.8(84.2 to 85.3)
Devon80.4(80.2 to 80.7)84.2(84.0 to 84.4)
South West80.1(80.0 to 80.2)83.8(83.8 to 83.9)
England79.4(79.4 to 79.4)83.1(83.1 to 83.2)

Source: Health and Social Care Information Centre, Compendium of Population Health Indicators, 2015

Figure 8.4, Trend in Average Life Expectancy in Years in Devon and England, 2000-02 to 2011-13

Figure 8.4 Trend in Average life expectancy 2000-02 - 2011-13
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Source: Health and Social Care Information Centre, Compendium of Population Health Indicators, 2015

Substantial differences in average life expectancy exist within Devon, with shorter life expectancy seen in more deprived areas and areas with a high concentration of care homes. The shortest life expectancy at ward level in Devon is in Ilfracombe Central (74.6 years) which is 15 years less than the life expectancy in Newton Poppleford and Harpford in East Devon (89.6 years). Life expectancy is also significantly lower in certain groups including gypsies and travellers, the homeless and persons with moderate or severe learning disabilities.

Table 8.2, Overall, shortest and longest average life expectancy in years (LE) at birth by ward, Devon local authority districts, 2009 to 2013.

DistrictOverall LEShortest LELongest LEGap (years)
Ward NameLENameLE
East Devon82.8Exmouth Littleham80.0Newton Poppleford and Harpford89.69.6
Mid Devon83.0Cullompton North79.6Upper Culm85.96.3
North Devon81.5Ilfracombe Central74.6Chittlehampton87.713.1
South Hams82.9Totnes Bridgetown79.0Marldon86.77.7
Teignbridge82.1Newton Abbot: College78.8Kerswell-with-Combe86.17.3
Torridge81.8Kenwith79.6Three Moors89.29.6
West Devon82.1Okehampton West79.7Milton Ford86.16.4
Devon82.3Ilfracombe Central74.6Newton Poppleford and Harpford89.615.0

Source: Primary Care Mortality Database 2014 and Office for National Statistics Mid-Year Population Estimates