Around 760,000 people live in Devon. The county has an older population profile than England with a higher proportion in older age groups. All Devon districts have a higher proportion of those aged 85 and over than England, with particularly high concentrations in coastal and market towns such as Sidmouth, Teignmouth and Dartmouth. The population of the county is changing, with a projected increase in population of 100,000 over the next 20 years. This is illustrated by the number of persons aged 85 and over, which stood at 10,300 in 1981, 28,300 in 2015, and is set to rise to 64,900 by 2037, contributing to an increasing proportion of the population in older age groups, with consequences for both increased demand for health services and the availability of staff. Both in terms of volumes and net change, internal migration (movements within the UK) has a much more significant impact than international migration, with a strong net flow from the South East of England. The development and expansion of new towns, such as Cranbrook in East Devon and Sherford in the South Hams, coupled with continued housing and economic development in existing settlements will have an impact on local patterns of demand for health and care services.