High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure or hypertension is thought to affect over 225,000 people in Devon. Prevalence increases with age as illustrated in table 9.1 and figure 9.12, and whilst rates are higher in males below the age of 65, they are higher in females above the age of 75. An important factor in hypertension is detection, as according to the Devon long-term conditions health needs assessment only around 53.4% of people in Devon expected to have hypertension were on the GP disease register for hypertension in 2015. This has increased in recent years, and the NHS health checks programme will play a major role in increasing early detection and ensuring effective treatment of hypertension.

Table 9.1, Estimated Hypertension Prevalence by Age and Sex, England

Age GroupMale (%)Female (%)
15 to 246%2%
25 to 3411%5%
35 to 4420%11%
45 to 5435%23%
55 to 6451%47%
65 to 7464%64%
75 and over64%75%

Source: Faculty of Public Health Hypertension Ready Reckoner

Figure 9.12, Estimated number of people with hypertension in Devon, 2013

Figure 9.12 Estimated number of people in hypertension 2013
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Source: Faculty of Public Health Hypertension Ready Reckoner and ONS Mid-Year Population Estimate, 2013