The Health and Care Landscape in Devon

Local Authorities

Devon has a two-tier local authority system, with services such as social care, education, public health, libraries, transport, strategic planning, waste management and consumer protection managed by the County Council and housing, environmental health, waste collection, council tax collection, local planning and licensing managed by eight smaller local authority districts. Whilst overall responsibility for health and wellbeing board functions sit with the County Council, local authority districts have a crucial role to play in terms of promoting and protecting the health of their citizens, work closely with Devon County Council and the NHS on health and related issues and are represented on the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board. Whilst Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council have their own Health and Wellbeing Boards, close working relationships exist on the health, social care and wellbeing agendas.

Local Authorities in Devon
NameWebsiteTypePopulation (2013)
Devon County,100
East Devon District,900
Exeter City,800
Mid Devon District,700
North Devon,800
South Hams District,900
Teignbridge District,000
Torridge District,100
West Devon Borough,900

Map of local authority districts in Devon:

Clinical Commissioning Groups

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are groups of GPs responsible for designing local health services in England, and commissioning (buying) health and care services. There are two CCGs in the Devon, Plymouth and Torbay area, both of which are represented on the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board.

Clinical Commissioning Groups in Devon
NameWebsiteDistricts coveredRegistered Population*
Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCGwww.newdevonccg.nhs.ukEast Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon, North Devon, Plymouth, South Hams (part), Torridge, Teignbridge (part), West Devon897,500
South Devon and Torbay CCGwww.southdevonandtorbayccg.nhs.ukSouth Hams (part), Teignbridge (part), Torbay285,100

*registered population in April 2015

Map of CCGs in Devon:

Map comparing CCGs and local authority districts:

Healthwatch Devon and the Joint Engagement Board

Healthwatch Devon work to help people get the best out of their health and social care services and ensuring local voices are able to influence how local services are designed and

delivered. Healthwatch Devon work in partnership with members of the public, patients, carers and service users to achieve the best quality care and more choice in the county and are represented on the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board.

Healthwatch Devon website:

The Joint Engagement Board in Devon ensure consultations on health and social care issues in Devon are shared with as many stakeholders as possible and play a vital role in giving people who receive support, opportunities to comment on the performance and

development of services that affect them. The Devon Joint Engagement Board is represented on the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board.

Joint Engagement Board webpage:

NHS England and Public Health England

NHS England has regional and local area teams (LATs), with responsibilities around immunisation, screening, primary care contract management and commissioning dental services. The Local Area Team is represented on the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board. Further this Public Health England have an overarching responsibility for protecting and improving the nation’s health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities and are also divided into regional and local area teams.

Health and Care Providers

There are over 100 GP practices in Devon and a wide range of acute and community health and care services. Health services can be located using the NHS Choices website below:

NHS Choices website:

Further to this, the Devon Community Directory provides a comprehensive listing of a wider range of services and community groups across the county.

Devon Community Directory: