Crime and Community Safety

Figure 6.1 provides an overview of areas of community safety across Devon. It shows the overall trend in reported crimes and incidents, as well as a comparison of Devon with a group of other community safety partnerships with similar geography and demographics to Devon. The information is taken from the Devon Strategic Assessment technical report and further detail on different types of crime can be found in the assessment and also overlaps with different sections of this Devon JSNA overview. Overall there has been a reduction in crime across Devon, although there is variation between different crimes. There has been an increase in arson, domestic abuse, violence against a person, other thefts, shoplifting and hate crime. There has been a reduction in anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, vehicle crime, non-dwelling burglary, dwelling burglary, sexual offences and robbery. No change has been seen in drug offences or in the number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents.

Figure 6.1 Overview of community safety in Devon

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Source: Devon Strategic Assessment Technical Report, 2014