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Outcomes of short-term support (ASCOF 2D)

Number of new clients where the sequel to “Short Term Support to maximise independence” was “Ongoing Low Level Support”; “Short Term Support (Other)”; “No Services Provided – Universal Services/Signposted to Other Services”; “No Services Provided – No identified needs”.


Number of new clients (ASCOF 2D)

Mid Devon 002A6#
Q4 - Below Average314392
Mid Devon93130
Eastern LCP504697

# = less than 5


Percentage of new clients (ASCOF 2D)

Mid Devon 002A100.0%#
Q4 - Below Average87.0%87.9%
Mid Devon90.3%88.4%
Eastern LCP87.8%88.6%


Percentage trend of new clients (ASCOF 2D)


Percentage of new clients (ASCOF 2D, latest data)