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Indices of Deprivation sub-domains

Certain domains of the Indices of Deprivation include further sub-domains. The education, skills and training domain includes a children and young people subdomain, and a adult skills sub-domains. The barriers to housing and services domain includes a geographic barriers sub-domain, and a wider barriers subdomain. The living environment domain includes an indoor environment (housing conditions) sub-domain, and an outdoor environment sub-domain.
The following chart compares the area’s national rank on these six sub-domains in 2015, with the average ranks for their local authority district and Devon as a whole. The value axis ranges from the most deprived LSOA in the country (1) to the least deprived LSOA in the country (32844) on a given measure, and the chart is further divided into five sections highlighting the national deprivation group (quintile).


National rank for each sub-domain

Area Children & young people Adult skills Geographic barriers Wider barriers Indoor environment Outdoor environment
Holsworthy 12,227 13,458 3,277 23,268 415 32,779
Q2 - Above Average 9,361 13,976 16,091 15,824 5,087 25,911
Torridge 9,470 14,505 8,258 21,827 5,148 32,351
Devon 15,761 19,040 11,043 21,393 8,562 29,718
Northern LCP 11,302 15,382 10,072 19,545 7,524 31,535


National rank for each sub-domain