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Indices of Deprivation Domains

The Indices of Deprivation are comprised of an overall Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD); seven domains which contribute to the overall index covering income, employment, health, education, barriers to housing and services, crime and living environment; and two supplementary indices relating to income deprivation in children (under 16) & older people (60+).

The following chart compares the area’s national rank on the IMD, seven domains and two supplementary indices in 2015, with the average ranks for their local authority district and Devon as a whole. The value axis ranges from the most deprived LSOA in the country (1) to the least deprived LSOA in the country (32,844) on a given measure, and the chart is further divided into five sections highlighting the national deprivation group (quintile).

Sidmouth ED24,76922,63819,90221,65724,67025,61620,92022,20920,67026,229
Q4 - Below Average23,15422,60221,88321,78921,83525,16217,77917,26623,10823,312
East Devon21,84021,53320,47919,66324,96424,86117,52015,92421,68623,464
Eastern LCP19,16519,76119,48218,34421,70522,24616,56112,71520,21319,955


Indices of Deprivation Domains Descriptions

IMDIndex of Multiple Deprivation
 IncomeIncome Domain. Persons dependent on state benefits and tax credits.
 EmpEmployment Domain. Persons involuntarily excluded from the labour market.
 HealthHealth Domain. Covers mental health, admissions, illness & premature death.
 EducEducation Domain. Measures educational attainment and participation.
 BarriersBarriers to Housing and Services Domain. Covers affordability and distance.
 CrimeCrime Domain. Levels of violence, burglary, theft and criminal damage.
 Env Living Environment Domain. Quality of indoor and outdoor environment.
 <16Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI). See income.
 60+Income Deprivation Affecting Older People Index (IDAOPI). See income.