Torridge LSOAs

These profiles were published in June 2018.

LSOA Ward Description
E01020275 Appledore Appledore
E01020276 Appledore Appledore outskirts, Northam North East and surrounding areas
E01020277 Bideford East Bideford South East – Churchhill Road and Barton Tors area
E01020278 Bideford East Bideford Cliveden Road and Hillcrest Road areas, Weare Gifford, Woodtown and surrounding areas
E01020279 Bideford East Bideford East – Clifton Street and Broadlands area
E01020280 Bideford North Bideford Town Centre
E01020281 Bideford North Bideford West – Northdown Road and Lane Field Road areas
E01020282 Bideford North Bideford – Victoria Park and Kingsley Road area
E01020283 Bideford South Bideford South West – Atlantic Village and Moreton Park Road areas
E01020284 Bideford South Bideford West – Devonshire Park and Ford Farm area
E01020285 Bideford South Bideford South West – Pynes Lane area
E01020286 Broadheath Clawton, Northcott, Cross Green, Broadwoodwidger and surrounding areas
E01020287 Clinton Taddiport, Petrockstowe, Marland, Little Torrington and surrounding areas
E01020288 Clovelly Bay Woolsery, Clovelly, Buck’s Cross, Ashmansworthy and surrounding areas
E01020289 Coham Bridge Black Torrington, Cookbury, Sheepwash and surrounding areas
E01020290 Forest Halwill Junction, Halwill, Ashwater, Virginstow and surrounding areas
E01020291 Hartland and Bradworthy Bradworthy, Meddon, Welcombe and surrounding areas
E01020292 Hartland and Bradworthy Hartland and surrounding areas
E01020293 Holsworthy Holsworthy South and East, Sutcombe, Chillsworthy, Hollacombe and surrounding areas
E01020294 Holsworthy Holsworthy North and West (Trewyn / West Croft)
E01020295 Kenwith West of Bideford – Abbotsham, Parkham and surrounding areas
E01020296 Monkleigh and Littleham South of Bideford – Monkleigh, Littleham, Frithelstock and surrounding areas
E01020297 Northam Northam Central (Fore Street and Dodwell Road area)
E01020298 Northam Northam South – Highfield, Cluden Road, Windmill Lane and Durrant Lane areas
E01020299 Northam Northam North West – Golf Links Road, Richmond Park and Bay View Road areas
E01020300 Orchard Hill Bideford North West – Orchard Hill and Raleigh Hill areas
E01020301 Shebbear and Langtree Shebbear, Newton St Petrock, Langtree and surrounding areas
E01020302 Tamarside West of Holsworthy – Jewell’s Cross, Pyworthy and surrounding areas
E01020303 Three Moors Beaford, Dolton, Roborough and surrounding areas
E01020304 Torrington Great Torrington West – New Street, Mill Street and School Lane area
E01020305 Torrington Great Torrington South – Well Street and Castle Hill area
E01020306 Torrington Great Torrington – Hatchmoor Road, Kingsmead Drive and Burwood Road areas
E01020307 Torrington Great Torrington – Calf Street, East Street, Greenbank and surrounding areas
E01020308 Two Rivers High Bickington, St Giles in the Wood, Yarnscombe and surrounding areas
E01020309 Waldon Putford, Milton Damerel, Buckland Brewer and surrounding areas
E01020310 Westward Ho! Westward Ho! West and Buckleigh
E01020311 Winkleigh Winkleigh, Riddlecombe, Hollocombe and surrounding areas