New developments and infrastructure

Population change and growth in Devon increase the requirement for housing and employment land, and other changes to the local infrastructure to accommodate population growth and economic development. Local Development Frameworks produced by local authority districts allocate housing and employment land over the next 15 to 20 years. Table 3.5 reveals that across Devon over 59,000 dwellings and over 360 hectares of employment land are planned. The greatest planned increases in dwellings are seen in East Devon, where over 16,000 new dwellings are planning which represents a quarter of existing housing stock in the district. Considerable expansion of employment land is planned in the Exeter, East Devon and Teignbridge areas connected to ongoing economic growth in the Exeter and Heart of Devon economic area, and in North Devon. Table 3.6 sets out any current housing allocations containing 1,000 or more dwellings. The continued expansion of the new town of Cranbrook, when added to the existing population suggests the population will be similar to Barnstaple in 10 to 20 years’ time (20,000). Around 5,500 dwellings are planned for the new community of Sherford in the South Hams. Other sizeable allocations relate to the expansion of Exeter, centred around five major development sites on the outskirts of the city, and the expansion of towns including Cullompton, Newton Abbot, Tiverton, Axminster and Exmouth.

Table 3.5, Current Planning Allocations for Housing and Employment by District, Devon

District Dwellings (2014) Planned Dwellings (n) Planned Dwellings as % of existing dwellings Planned Employment Land (hectares)
East Devon 65,530 16,393 25.0% 112.9
Exeter 52,110 6,283 12.1% 44.5
Mid Devon 34,870 7,206 20.7% 12.2
North Devon 45,330 5,505 12.1% 47.4
South Hams 43,930 7,925 18.0% 33.9
Teignbridge 59,390 9,170 15.4% 61.4
Torridge 31,250 5,160 16.5% 36.5
West Devon 24,950 1,540 6.2% 13.0
Devon 357,370 59,182 16.6% 361.8

Source: Department for Communities and Local Government Dwelling Stock Tables and Devon County Council Planning, Transportation and Environment Team, 2015


Table 3.6, Current Planning Allocations for Housing with 1,000 or more dwellings, Devon

Allocated Site District Residential Dwellings
Cranbrook East Devon 7,769
Sherford New Community South Hams 5,500
Monkerton/Hill Barton Exeter 2,500
Newcourt Exeter 2,300
East Cullompton Mid Devon 2,100
South West of Exeter Urban Expansion Teignbridge 2,000
Newton Abbot (Houghton Barton) Teignbridge 1,800
Tiverton Eastern Urban Expansion Mid Devon 1,520
Newton Abbot (Wolborough) Teignbridge 1,500
Axminster East Devon 1,481
North of Blackhorse East Devon 1,480
Pinhoe East Devon 1,314
Exmouth East Devon 1,229
North West Cullompton Mid Devon 1,200

Source: Devon County Council Planning, Transportation and Environment Team, 2015